Our goal with Project AITOPYA is to globalize healthcare by offering high quality healthcare to everyone who needs it, anywhere, anytime.

In other words: Equal healthcare

Equal healthcare is a right, not a privilege


AITOPYA is a global digital platform for patients and healthcare professionals. Quality healthcare is not supposed to be a privilege. It is supposed to be accessible, affordable and equal. AITOPYA does exactly those things because users are not only helping themselves when using AITOPYA.

More affordable, more accessible


If a user is living in Sweden for example, using our medical service and inputting valuable data in it will actually contribute to our efforts in developing countries. Using AITOPYA can improve the quality of care and be the difference between life and death. The more users we have, the more people we can help.

Help us help others


We are currently in the process of starting several initiatives in different developing countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Lebanon. Help us help others by using our service and become a part of creating a global and equal healthcare environment through AITOPYA!


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